With over 55 years of valuable experience, Retail Management Software (RMS) Technical Support believes in providing complete, multiple solutions to our customers.

We offer a wide-range of technical services to refine and maintain your business. We have the following customer support services available:

  • Over the phone software and hardware Support
  • Hardware repair and maintenance
  • Network Cable routing
  • Entire system conversions
  • On-site support & repair services

Retail Management Software (RMS) takes pride in the fact that we can efficiently take care of your point-of-sale (POS). Not only does Retail Management Software (RMS) engage in delivery of this equipment, but also provide ongoing store level technical support. The support offered by Retail Management Software (RMS) skilled and knowledgeable team means that we will deliver the POS equipment to the retail store, do the necessary set up and installation, and provide ongoing assistance with any post-sales technical issues.

With the combination of delivery and setup installation and post-sales support for you our retail client, we remove the need for outsourcing multiple services to get your business running, making it cost effective and saving you time through efficient and productive POS delivery and support programs.

Please feel free to contact us via. email or on our WhatsApp portal (found on the site header) for on the point assistance.

Thank you.

Retail Management Software (RMS)