HRK Point of Sale Solutions


What POS System do we offer?


“POS” is an acronym for “Point of Sale” which is in itself a shorter form of – data capture at the point where a sale is made. The term came about as evolving computer hardware and software made it possible to capture the sale information at the time the sale was made. 

Our POS software automates the capture of financial and sales transactions. Retail POS systems are among the most sophisticated and powerful computer networks in commercial use. Point of Sale systems integrate core business functions such as sales tracking, accounts receivable, purchasing and inventory management across multiple registers or retail branches. POS software also provides the infrastructure for connecting retail locations with supply chain operations and upper management. 

Our Award Winning Software can be used in any of the following Industry:

In a Nutshell, here is what our POS system offers you:

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Front End Features

All in One Terminal (Printing, Barcode Scanner)
Adjustable Touch Screen
Fingerprint Scanner
Customisable Screen Layout
3rd Party Integration
Software Independent from Back Office
Customer Loyalty

Back Office

Centralised Database Management

Find all your information in one place, from your inventory, debtors and reporting.



  • – Optional Handheld stock units that are super-efficient.
  • – Manage your inventory more effectively by keeping track of your top performing products and stock levels (low stock and stock on hand); from one or multiple store locations to your warehouse.
  • – Easily transfer items from one location to another.
  • – Complete a full or partial (Group Specific) stock count on your inventory. Generate multiple count sheets for Multiple groups
  • – Always ensure you have your top selling products in stock with automated generated stock orders and customisable reorder points.



  • – Generate Sales Per Customer
  • – Identify your VIP Customers and Market Specials to them
  • – Keep track of what is returned and credited to the account
  • – Invoices emailed from system directly to clients


Credit Control

– Keep track of Debtors and amounts outstanding

Custom Payment Types

Screen buttons

– With our customisable software, we are able to create and customise on screen buttons to suit your business needs ie. Cash, credit, debit, cheques, gift cards, etc.



Multiple tender type

– Let you customers pay with multiple tender types by accepting two or more payment types in a single transaction.

Focused Reporting
  • Automated daily and monthly reports
  • Inventory:  Stock on Hand – Out of Stock – Product Performance ie. track weekly sales
  • Sales Summary: Sales Reporting ie. Front End, Items Sold, Refunds/ Returns – End of Day Report ie. Registry Financials, Daily Sales History
Barcodes & Labels
  • Enabled scan of over 500 barcodes
  • Import the scanned items (with our mini handheld scanner) or create and print new ones effortlessly.
  • Add products to your database and sync it to sales, purchase orders or stock takes
  • Product and pricing can be added onto labels.
User Accounts
  • Individual Login: Create individual staff user accounts and track activity, productivity and sales.
  • Permissions: Create individual staff user accounts and track activity, productivity and sales.
  • Software: Sync your branding, have your logo appear on software log in screen
  • Receipting: Customise receipts with company logo
  • Email:  Option to email or print receipts after a sale
Cloud Backup
  • Peace of mind knowing information is backed on cloud
  • Easily accessible & secure
  • Daily backup
  • Runs on time schedule and in background with no interruption to operation
  • Ensure the correct items are sold
  • Secure warehouse collection – Antivirus
Report Export Capability

You have the choice to export your data to your preferred spreadsheet for in-depth analysis or send your reports to your accountant

Instore Promotional Tool

Manage your items on special, ensure they are loaded during the specified period of sale and revert back to the original selling price thereafter.

Discounts and Notes

Add discounts to a specific line item or to the entire sale