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Our Clients say ...

Horrible, Rubbish, Kak ... just joking Happy with service, Reliable staff, Keep up the good work. An unusual acronym reference from an unusual bloke ...

logo Barry Hilton

Barry Hilton


We use HRK at our distribution centre as well as at one of our stores. We are quite happy with everything the system has to offer and the service is also good. Keep it up.

logo lekka bites

Arshad Moola

Gorimas Kitchen

The HRK team is always very professional, helpful and willing to assist no matter when, where or what time of day. Thank you for your great service.

logo Patensie Liquors

Marge Ackerman

Patensie Liquors

Die sisteem werk uitstekend in ons winkel. Daar is spesifieke veranderinge op die sisteem aangevra deur ons en hulle het werklik hulle bes gedoen om dit vir ons te doen. Hulle diens is flink en hulle is vriendelik en altyd hulpvaardig.

logo Golden Harvest

Anna-Marie Roberts

Golden Harvest Convenience Centre

It is important to our business, and to our customers, that our point of sale is at all times hassle-free, and HRK has ensured this.

logo Nanaga Restaurant

Leigh Mackenzie

Nanaga Restaurant

The service received from HRK was excellent, from day one they advised and assisted us.

logo Lady Grey Hardware

Connie Rodrigues

Lady Grey Hardware

We decided to invest in a proper point of sale system, looking back I can say without any doubt, that going with HRK was the best decision we have ever made.

logo Madiba Bay Resorts

Herman Nell

Madiba Bay Resorts

I knew we were going to get good service but the service you provided surpassed what I had anticipated. The presentation of the software was impressive and I was comfortable knowing the staff would have no problem operating the system ...

logo iZulu hair
iZulu Hair Zone

Ons het ‘n HRK Point Of Sale sisteem laat installeer voor die oopmaak van ons deure. Die meeste van ons onderhandelinge en opleiding tydens die aankoop en installasie van die Point Of Sale sisteem, was deur HRK Oos Kaap gedoen. My ervaring van HRK gedurende hierdie tyd en tot op datum, is dat hulle uiters professioneel is in hulle werk, uitstekende kennis het van die Point Of Sale produk en uitstekende na-verkoopdiens lewer.

logo lekka bites

Elandre Potgieter

Lekka Bites

We have installed a touch-screen at the cashier terminal, which is fast and very user-friendly, this was not possible on our previous software. The stock control and purchase order system is a pleasure to work with. The HRK software has proven itself to be a great Improvement from our previous software.

logo lekka bites
DIY Electrical Supplies Trust

Some of our clients in the Catering & Hospitality, and Retail Industries.

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