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Vanguard Infographic

Run your Business off your phone!

  • Clear Simple Software - Quick to learn and easy to understand.
  • Mobile - Bring your solution to where you want to do business, then take it home again.
  • Tablet Technology - Works when your electricity company doesn't.
  • Full Offline Mode.
  • Integrated Technology - online vouchers, card payments, loyalty programs.

Anywhere You Want to Work!

  • Dial into your business from your laptop while on the move, and run your business from anywhere!
  • Think Big - Manage multiple branches, with multiple locations.
  • Live Information - Manage your stock live, while keeping an eye on real time sales figures.
  • Security - Manage user roles, giving staff varying levels of rights and capabilities.
  • Delivering your goods - Plan your delivery runs using Google Maps, allocate drivers and vehicles.
  • Buy Right - Interact with your suppliers, let our solution help you get the right products, at the right prics, at the right time while maintaining your supplier payments.
  • Sell Right - manage your customers, keep track of their buying habits while communicating with them and rewarding them.
  • Reporting - Always keep an eye on how your business is doing through loads of flexible, live data reports.
  • Cloud Based - Your business is always backed up, and you are always on the latest version! So you will be getting all the new features as soon as they are released!